Weight Loss: Latest News About Yoga

YogaEvery year, you get to have a fresh start. So, what’s your new year’s resolution? Does it involve taking care of your health or perhaps losing weight? Are you determined to aberrate from the path taken by 26.2 percent of adults in the U.S who are obese? This specific data was gathered by the most recent Gallup-Healthways report with regards to the rate of obesity in the U.S.

Generally speaking, yoga is known for its ability to bolster and even sustain one’s weight loss efforts. Ever since, there have been a lot of studies about this particular workout routine. Provided below is the latest news about Yoga.

One of the studies conducted last year was about restorative yoga. The results of this particular study were presented at the 73rd Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes. It reports show that restorative yoga is responsible for burning subcutaneous fat which then leads to an individual’s reduction of weight.

There was also a clinical study conducted on 171 respondents. These respondents were obese women and they were divided accordingly. One group took the restorative yoga program while the other undergone stretching sessions. Both sessions lasted for 48 weeks. The plan for this particular study was to have each group perform their assigned workout routine twice per week for approximately 12 weeks. Then for the next six months, then it will be done twice per month and on the discretion of each respondent for the remaining three months. Of course, every study must have control data which means that measurements were obtained such as the subcutaneous and visceral measurements from each respondent.

This study showed that those who have been assigned to perform yoga have lost approximately 34 square centimeters fat under the skin while the other group who was doing the stretching session only lost 6 square centimeters. Those who took yoga also lost weight more than those who belong to the stretching group. They lost 1.7 Kilograms while Yoga1the other group lost at average of 0.7 kilogram.

There was one explanation provided by the American Journal of Managed Care. They stated that the difference may have been caused by the ability of yoga to lessen an individual’s cortisol level. Cortisol has been known to increase a person’s abdominal fat especially when that person is subjected to high levels of stress.

Another study which has been published in a report stated that if a person participates in short term yoga, the person’s weight is reduced plus it also lessens an overweight man’s risk of having a heart disease.

This study was conducted on 51 respondents which were all overweight and obese. They were subjected to a directed 10 day yoga program which included the asana or the yoga postures and pranayama or breathing exercises. After this program, the researchers have noticed a tremendous decrease in weight which was at an average of 1.9 kilograms. In addition to that, there was also a significant decrease in the potential risk of a person to various heart diseases. They also noticed a decrease in blood pressure, inflammatory marker IL-6 and bodily substances which are responsible for the regulation of glucose and fat metabolism. This study has been very helpful since it has proven that even a short term yoga program can lessen a person’s risk to cardiovascular diseases.

Tips To Keep Fit Amidst A Busy Lifestyle

Keep Fit Amidst A Busy LifestyleThere’s plenty of us who don’t have enough time to watch what we eat and when we do it. That’s the reason why plenty of workaholics have problems with their health. Although not necessarily, but most often than not. If you’re the type of person who spends long hours in the office trying to get your reports submitted on time to keep your boss from breathing down your neck, here’s some tips for you:

To keep fit without the extra hassle and still keep up with your work, it’s time for some change on how you eat and what type of food you choose. First off, you should plan things ahead. This may be the toughest part of the routine since this is the first step and it involves changing the pattern that you were ever used to. When shopping, grab a load of healthy food. This may include a variety of snacks and fruits. Always keep away from food that are too salty, greasy, and with a lot of preservatives. So, if you’re thinking of squeezing just a bite size piece of junk food in your eating regimen, don’t. It will only mess up your routine as well as your mindset.

Bring along those handy healthy goodies to work. Basically, this is way better than spending your lunch break at a fast food chain. Bring enough that will last you through the day. Other Keep Fit Amidst A Busy Lifestyle1than bringing along healthy food is the exercise. When you’re in the office wearing your best outfit, you wouldn’t want to ruin that image by doing taxing workouts that will make you swear all over the place. To keep you healthy even when at work, do some stretching exercises. Though you won’t sweat and give you a lean and toned body, it will help you keep your muscles in shape. This gives your muscles enough contraction to keep it healthy. Doing so keeps you from having cramps, back pains, beck pains, and all other sorts of body pains when sitting too long or staying in a single position for prolonged hours.

Don’t Be A Victim Of Fake Weight Loss

Victim Of Fake Weight LossLosing weight has been always an objective to most of us who weigh more than what is right for our respective ages. Some advertisements give us the thinking that losing weight is so easy and that if a person wants to get rid of his weight he can easily do that with the fastest way possible. The stories of Matthew McConaughey, Beyonce and Jay-Z, Jessica Simpson, and the biggest loser Cameron of Australia, who had their own dramatic weight loss for little time inspire us to be like them or imitate or adopt the regimen they applied for achieving their weight now.

There are so many processes of losing weight available in the market; there are pills, injectable, diet plan, exotic fruit, tracking devices and some other procedures that sound so fairylike and enchanting. We can always choose anything we want to help us be in our ideal body size. It’s easy, why? Because almost all information are available in the internet, some are free of charge, free diet plan, free demo exercise, and some other free offers that in one way or another give us idea on how we can drop the unwanted fat! But most of the times, because of our desire to be fat-free we tend to ignore the very important thing, our safety.

Always remember that we do want to have not just a good looking body but a healthy one! We should not put our health at stake just to achieve the ideal weight we ever dreamed on. We have to be aware of the fact that although there are so many information and tips accessible on the net, some of them are misrepresentation, bogus and imitation of the truth. Here are some tips so you will not be a victim of those weight loss swindle.

• Consult a doctor or professional help. A real, personal, professional help will give you insight about your body’s physical condition, of which diet program or work out is best fit for your physique.

• Don’t be charmed by seems like magical way of losing weight, those that give you an idea of losing your weight instantly and easily, most of them are frauds. Don’t ever put your health in jeopardy by believing in these falsified materials.

• Be realistic. Embrace the regimen that is attainable for you, the practice that you can really live with for the longest time. Don’t be enchanted by the ads of losing weight so fast by adopting a Victim Of Fake Weight Loss1diet or a totally different and new lifestyle that you can hold on for only a short time, otherwise, your success will be short lived.

• Bear this in mind: I don’t want to be a victim so I better be skeptical. Read and read a lot and research and research enough on the program you are planning to apply before even trying it, so won’t get deceived.

Though some of the celebrities and known individuals who had lost weight enormously provide inspiration, we should not construe the encouragement from their stories to imitating the diet treatment or procedure they took on. Every individual has differences, though we have the same objective, and that is to lose weight or to have a leaner body, or better yet, to be healthy, we still and must always remember that our body differs in one way or another.